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Tank Service

Our fleet of 80 bbl tank trucks are outfitted with high pressure triplex pumps, vacuum pumps and bowie pumps to enable our personnel to not only perform traditional tank truck services such as hauling salt and fresh water, but to perform additional services including chemical squeezes, pressure tests, pumping lines, and hunting for holes. While many companies shy away from rig hauls, we are committed to serving our customer's needs from drilling through completion and beyond.

• Salt water and Fresh water hauling
• Chemical squeezes
• Pressure tests
• Pumping lines
• Hunting for holes
• Tank Cleaning
• Lease Work

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Acidizing Service

Our experienced staff and top of the line equipment will handle any job from a 10,000 gallon pressure job to 250 gallon dump job. Our team will work with you to develop a precise blend of acid and additives to meet your well's specific needs. Our high pressure pumps are also capable of pressuring up and maintaining high pressure levels required for pressure testing jobs. We work hard to maintain high job quality and safety standards both on and off location.

• State of the art pumping equipment
• Pump capacity up to 10,000 psi
• Diverting agents
• Customized acid blends

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Waterline Service

Our inventory consists of over 10 miles of both 2 and 3 inch poly line, seven 7½ HP pumps. In addition to providing poly pipe and pumps we also provide 30 KW Generators and have an air compressor to aid service in cold weather months. If distance is a challenge, we have booster pumps in inventory to allow us to pump greater lengths. Our dedicated staff is willing to evaluate your next location and aid in finding suitable water sources for your next job. We have significant contacts with the drilling rig companies operating in our areas and work closely with the drillers to ensure that their water needs are met before, during and after the drilling process.

• 2" & 3" poly line
• 7 ½ HP pumps
• 30 KW generators
• Booster pumps
• Pit liners

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RPM Services, LLC is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees and the customers we serve. We have a comprehensive Safety Management Plan along with a detailed Transportation Policy and facility specific policies. Our position on environmental responsibility provides assurance to our employees, customers and the general public that we will do our best to help preserve the area we live and work in. Senior and site management teams have created a culture of safety oriented behavior which our employees are dedicated to upholding.

SDS Sheets
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